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Panthers Defeated 31-27 Against Lynnwood

The SHS Panthers took on the Lynnwood Royals last Friday night, September 23, in a heated battle that resulted in a 31-27 loss.

Junior Keegan Stich did not disappoint, having 14 carries for 137 yards total in the game, with only 15 yards in the second half.

Seniors Brandon Jodock and Josh Johnston continue to be a team on the field, with Jodock being 13 for 24 in passes for 186 yards. Two of these passes to Johnston resulted in touchdowns.

The Panthers are now 2-2 in the league, and are set to play the Everett Seagulls away from home next Friday. READ STORY »

Snohomish Loses to Glacier Peak 47-35

The SHS Panthers lost Friday night to the Glacier Peak Grizzlies 47-35 during the annual Red, White, and Blue game on Friday, September 9.

Junior Keegan Stich did not disappoint for SHS however, making a 57-yard touchdown that created an uproar in the Panther’s student section.

Senior Brandon Jodock also made 21 complete passes for 254 yards that night, securing three touchdowns for the Panthers.

At halftime the Grizzlies were winning 26-13 after a touchdown with only 42 seconds left in the half. READ STORY »

Panthers Defeat Tomahawks 63-13 in Season Opener

SHS’ Panther varsity football team scored a 63-13 win last night against the Marysville-Pilchuck Tomahawks in their first game of the season. Also the first home game of the season, the Panthers were led by junior Keegan Stich and seniors Josh Johnston and Brandon Jodock for their season-opening victory. READ STORY »

Varsity Boys' Basketball Defeated by Mariner

SHS varsity boys' basketball faced a tough loss to Mariner at their home game on Tuesday night with a final score of 50-44.

The Panthers had a slow start against Mariner, but senior Jacob Shogren, the top scorer for Snohomish, ended up keeping it close later in the game.

“We played good except we had a slow start which ultimately ended up costing us the game,” said senior Reilly Responte. “We were only down by four points are one point and it was a close game.” READ STORY »

The First Meet for SHS's Equestrian Team

The Snohomish Valley Equestrian Team (SVET) made the long haul to the first Washington Association of High School Equestrian Teams (WAHSET ) in Vancouver, WA at the Clark County Fairgrounds.

Many students are unaware that last year, Snohomish High School created their very first equestrian team. The team allows students to co-op on to the team from any school that recognizes them as a student in 9-12 grade. The team this year has 28 riders from ten different high schools all around Snohomish County. READ STORY »

Girls Basketball Beats Jackson

The girls basketball team finished with a 42-31 win at home over Jackson last Friday night. The team is 13-0-3 overall and undefeated in their conference.

The team played with a high intensity and shut down key players on Jackson's offense. Senior Madison Pollock was the highest Panther scorer with 13 points. READ STORY »

SHS Becomes a 3A School

Snohomish High School is going to transition from a 4A down to a 3A school, while its sister school Glacier Peak is moving up from a 3A to a 4A starting in the 2016-2017 year.

The WESCO WIAA reclassification has changed the regional and state tournaments, and the teams that will be competing against each other. The WIAA reclassifies every two years. READ STORY »

Boys Win First Swim Meet of the Season

SHS/GPHS Boys swim and dive team finished with a home victory on Tuesday night over Everett High School with a final score of 105-77.

“[The overall team performance was outstanding!” said captain senior Jacob Rudolf.  “Some swimmers even won events that they don’t usually do. Divers even swam in a relay and they still won the event!”

"We all did really good, almost everyone dropped time," said junior Stuart Andrews. "Everyone that usually wins won!" READ STORY »

Girl's Basketball Continues Their Streak

The Snohomish girls won another match against Lake Stevens with a final score of 46-38 on last Wednesday. This was the team's ninth consecutive win this season. READ STORY »

Snohomish Panthers Fall to Cascade Bruins

Last night the Snohomish Boys Basketball team lost against the Cascade varsity basketball team with a final score of 58-46.

There was an exciting start to the game for the Panthers when senior Kobe McDaniel scored within the first two minutes of the game. The Panthers trailed behind by only two or three points for most of the first quarter with both teams scoring on and off. By the end of the second quarter, however, the Bruins had made 31 points while the Panthers only scored 18. READ STORY »