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Students Honor Veterans at Annual Assembly

The SHS student body held a Veterans Day Assembly in honor of the veterans who have served, and are currently serving, in the United States military last month. Family members who are veterans were encouraged to attend.  
Featured at this year’s assembly was a symbolic display in the center of the gym, which included a chair and a table with various objects, each representing and honoring soldiers that had died or went missing during their service in the military. Following the interpretation of the display, the audience was asked to take a moment of silence. 
This year’s assembly featured the school’s choir and Wind Ensemble performing together for the first time. The choir sang a medley of military hymns with the band playing the accompaniment. 
Choir director, Nicholas Gorne, claimed that the arrangement allowed them to “showcase together…adding to the performance all together.” 
A speech done by freshman Quinn Reaves, outlined the importance of Veterans Day and how it impacts others who have personal relationships to those in the military, currently and formerly.  
SHS Veterans Day assemblies began with Harold “Hal” Moe, a former vice principal, principal, and later superintendent. Moe served in the Marine Corps during World War II. During his time at SHS, he founded the JROTC program and advocated for assemblies that recognizes America’s veterans at public schools. These assemblies are now a state requirement. 
“We felt very honored,” John Fawctt, a military veteran, who attended this year’s assembly. “[This recognition is] a great tribute.”