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Presenting the 2018 Candidates for ASB Secretary

Snohomish High School class elections are here, and it’s time we know a bit more about who’s running. Candidates for our student body secretary are juniors Kenzie Utt and Junior Jenna Baker, two seasoned ASB leaders. These two women both participate in extracurricular activities and have a very good reputation in our school. Teachers love them, students want to be friends with them and colleges are looking for them.

Utt has been a student at SHS for three years and a Snohomish resident for almost her whole life. If she were to be secretary, she would “try to make a difference in our school and make it a welcoming place for all”. Utt already has experience in this position, as she’s been the secretary at Spark Hot Yoga in Snohomish. She was encouraged by her best friend, junior and vice-presidential candidate Sara Minogue, who told her it was “such a good way to get involved”. In order to let students have a voice, Utt vows to “hold doors, interact with others and ask questions through polls” because it shows that she’s a “nice person and is willing to get out there”. Though balancing a job, school, sports and relationships may be difficult, she will make an effort to be “delegate and stay on task” because if you aren’t on top of it throughout the whole year, you’ll end up “not getting work done and procrastinating”. Utt pledges to get the job done while taking the students’ opinions and voices into account and showcasing them for all of us to see.

Jenna Baker also brings a lot to the table. If she were to become secretary, she would want to “positively impact [her] peers” so she could “…focus on improving the level of pride and respect” here in Snohomish.  She sees this election as an opportunity to “make a difference and have a say in what goes on in our school”. Though admitting Utt is competition and a “great leader”, Baker plans to “be a voice for others and stay determined” throughout the whole election. Baker is currently a junior senator for SHS, and her tactics include “staying focused” and “working with many different students and staff” in order to get a better feel of the school and what goes on during classes. Baker has repeatedly shown the school her skills in ASB, as she’s been involved since seventh grade at Centennial Middle School. Certainly, she plans to put in long hours of hard work and effort into the job as a secretary and demonstrate her intelligence for the entire student body.

The women running for secretary both have strong assets and superior qualities to bring to SHS. Voting will start on Friday, January 19, but whoever the students choose as their 2018 secretary will have a positive impact no matter what.

To vote, visit, with your username being your first name and last name separated by a dot, and your password being your six-digit student number.